About Us

Tony Franklin - Campaigner

Tony Franklin has first-hand experience of gambling addiction having struggled with a prolific electronic gambling addiction since his early teens when he was first introduced to the fruit machines by friends in the seaside town where he went to school.

His addiction has consumed over 30 years of his life and he estimates to have lost more than £1 million over the years on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) in the bookmakers, online casino gambling and playing the pub / amusement arcade machines.


The consequences of his addiction have been devastating to his immediate family life, it cost him his home, his career, his financial security, his marriage, and regular access to his children. It has also impacted heavily on other members of his family and closest friends all of whom have in some way been caught up in the chaos of his gambling addiction and consequential behaviors.

Today he campaigns to highlight the dangers of electronic gambling machines and the normalization of gambling in general in UK society and the consequential harm that is being inflicted on people, their families, and wider society in general.

It is time to stop the cradle to grave extraction schema. Harmful addiction by design products must have far better regulation and restriction to prevent more lives being lost to the cycle of addiction and despair.

Martin Paterson - Campaigner

Martin has a great deal of personal experience of electronic gambling, especially fixed odds betting machines. 

He is well aware of the devastation the latter cause, these machines dubbed the ‘crack cocaine’ of gambling. A theatre company Martin has visited (Audacity) is producing a work around these machines simply called ‘Crack Cocaine’. Martin has researched the field thoroughly and through social networking and meeting other interested parties has become a prime mover in a national grassroots movement which seeks to bring awareness of, and regulatory actions against the proliferation of gambling modes which research shows clearly are a growing social and public health disaster.

He is also behind a case study about fixed odds betting terminals which have been much in evidence in the media. Please see www.beatthefix.com for more information.