Addiction Harm Kids Children

Cap FOBT stakes at £2. (currently £100)

Fixed Odds Betting Terminals are electronic gambling machines with Roulette found in UK Bookmakers. Currently you can spin £100 every 20 seconds. By comparison UK minimum wage is £7.50 per hour.

Call for regulation to make all UK gambling an 18+ activity.

The UK is the only country in the world where it is legal for children to gamble.

Call for regulation to ban gambling advertising in sports, and before the watershed on television.

Children are being constantly exposed to gambling promotion in the UK today. Regulation needed to curb this.

Focus regulation on an 'affordable gambling' framework

In order to significantly reduce gambling related harm there is a need to implement account based play and credit reference affordability checks and a gambling limit for all electronic gambling machine play. (online or retail)

Focus on tools to reduce gambling related harm.

There is an urgent need to provide gambling addicts in recovery and other target markets with a bank account that has a debit card restricted for gambling transactions and with a low cash withdrawal limit.